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Alcoholics Anonymous our basic text, also known as the Big Book

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions offers essays on AA's principles of individual recovery (the Twelve Steps) and group unity (the Twelve Traditions).

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Meeting List Introduction Page

If you're new to A.A., or Non-Alcoholic please take the time out to read what follows to help you choose what meeting is right for you.

If you're Non-Alcoholic and your educator or employer is requesting that you attend a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous for educational purposes, please attend open meetings only.

Open Meetings are open to anyone, however we ask that only those who are alcoholic or those who think they have a problem with drinking to share. The following denotes the different types of Open meetings.
  • O = Open Meeting
  • OD = Open Discussion Meeting
  • S = Open Speaker's Meeting
  • Any Anniversary or Celebration
  Closed Meetings are closed to the general public. These are for alcoholics or those who have a problem with drinking. All AA meetings are to be considered closed except when otherwise noted.

These lists contain both Open & Closed meetings
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